Charging Key activation
Utolsó módosítás: 0001.01.01


Dear Partner,

Thank you for choosing MOBILITI and ordering a Charging Key (RFID) to make the charging process easier than ever before.

The Charging key has to be activated in the Mobiliti application before using.

9 simple steps to activate your Charging key:

1.  Open the Mobiliti application.

2.  Open your profile by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner.


3.  Select Keys.

4.  Click the yellow Activate button under the Key orders option.

a.  Scroll down if you don’t see the Activate button.

b. If you can’t find the Key orders option, please check if you are logged in with the account from which you ordered the Charging key.


5.  Enter the last 6 digits of your personal Charging key in the pop-up window. Be sure to type the right numbers!


6.  Make sure the numbers are correct before clicking the OK button.

7.  On the next screen the app informs you about the successful activation.


8.  After the successful activation you can set your bank card details and billing address for your Charging key.


9.  Under your bank card and billing information you can disable your Charging key in case it is lost or stolen. After the Charging key is disabled you have the option to delete it by clicking on the red Delete RFID button on the bottom of the screen.


Warning: the replacement of a lost Charging key is 5000,- HUF which can be ordered in the application after deleting the previous Charging key.

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