Vacation is here, summer adventures can begin!
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Take advantage of the summer time, recharge your batteries with your family members and friends, choose from the summer programs! You can always count on MVM Mobiliti if you want to charge or buy an e-sticker.


Buy the e-sticker for toll road sections with the Mobiliti app!




For any domestic e-vignette purchased from 00:00 on 22 June 2023  will be accompanied by a prepaid balance of HUF 500, which can be used for charging until 31 August 2023.

*The promotion is valid until withdrawal.


There is no stopping at Mobiliti, you are welcome  at many new charging stations in Hungary. Moreover, charging is even more comfortable with our new roaming partner!


 You can access Mobiliti's charging service at nearly 1,600 charging points in Hungary. In addition to public areas, we provide you with convenient charging in the parking lots of stores, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants, as well as at Shell fuel filling stations, but also on the networks of other domestic partners and our many foreign roaming partners, including the international network of IONITY.

It is a novelty that from July 3, 2023, charging can also be started at the chargers of the TEA charging operator with the Mobiliti application.


Our chargers are already at hand at five Mc Donald’s locations!

After Pápa, Ózd, Kisvárda, you can charge your car at the Mc Donald’s  parking lot in Velence Lake  (M7) and Zalaegerszeg at the new 50 kW DC charger operated by MVM Mobiliti, so while you are refreshing, your car will be charged for the rest of the journey.



Even more DC chargers in the parking lots of Auchan and Decathlon stores

Two 50 kW DC chargers are already available for e-car drivers at the following locations:

  • Auchan Budaörs
  • Auchan Óbuda
  • Auchan Maglód
  • Auchan Soroksár
  • Auchan Kecskemét
  • Auchan Szolnok
  • Decathlon Dunaújváros