Buy your 2022 e-vignette conveniently and securely in Mobiliti application
Utolsó módosítás: 2021.11.29


Since 1 December 2021, the pre-sale of the annual national and county e-vignettes has begun.

In addition to the ANNUAL NATIONAL vignettes purchased until 31 January 2022, we will provide a prepaid coupon worth HUF 500, which can be used until 30 June 2022.

The validity of the annual national and county e-vignettes purchased in advance for 2022 will begin on 1 January 2022. With the help of the Mobiliti app, you can buy your e-vignette online so that you can travel all over Hungary at any time.

The prices of the national and county entitlements in the schedule of fees are valid from the beginning of the pre-purchase.


E-vignette rates*
 E-vignette vehicle category National Regional
Weekly (10 -days) Monthly Annual Annual
D1M HUF 1,600 HUF 2,730 HUF 46,850 HUF 5,450
D1 HUF 3.820 HUF 5,210 HUF 46,850 HUF 5,450

HUF 7,630

HUF 10,420

HUF 46,850 HUF 10,900
B2 HUF 16,890 HUF 23,950 HUF 217,950 HUF 21,800
U HUF 3,820 HUF 5,210 HUF 46,850 HUF 5,490


* The schedule of fees is valid from 01.12.2021. The fee is in all cases gross, it includes VAT.
Find out about convenience fees for mobile purchases in the Mobiliti app.



  • The 2022 annual e-vignettes will be valid from 1 January 2022 until 31 January 2023. So, in December 2021, you will not yet be entitled to use the highway. 
  • The 2021 annual county vignettes will no longer be available for purchase in the Mobiliti app as of 1 December.

The toll road sections can only be used with a valid road use permit, i.e., an e-vignette must be obtained before driving. For purchases within the validity period, the start of validity is always the time of purchase (day/hour/minute). Bona fide road users who have mistakenly driven onto the toll road network will have a maximum of 60 minutes from the moment they drive onto the toll road to purchase their road use permit.