IONITY subscription tailored to travel habits
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In addition to the occasional (no fee package) charging, our customers can also choose from two types of annual subscription tariffs.

With the help of our IONITY traveler and IONITY globetrotter packages, our registered customers can choose the most favorable charging tariff according to their individual travel habits.


PRICES IN IONITY PACKAGES ARE VALID ONLY FOR IONITY CHARGING NETWORK. In all cases, please inquire about IONITY chargers in advance via the Mobiliti application.


Prices valid from 9 August 2022 until withdrawal:  

Tariffs for registered customers (gross prices)
  no fee package IONITY  IONITY
traveler package globetrotter package
Start of charging fee HUF 500
Time-based fee (minute fee)
IONITY charging in Hungary 280 HUF/kWh 210 HUF/kWh 110 HUF/kWh
IONITY charging outsde Hungary in EU countries 335 HUF/kWh 225 HUF/kWh 125 HUF/kWh
Gross fee of the tariff plan for 1 year (365 calendar days) HUF 36,990 HUF 99,990


Important information:

  • Tariff plans can be purchased through the Mobiliti application.
  • The tariff plans include discounted tariffs valid for 365 days, the subscription can be started any day of the year. The subscription will not be renewed automatically.
  • It is not possible to cancel the tariff plan before the expiration of 365 days in any case, there is no possibility to refund the fee.
  • The price of the tariff plans cannot be used for charging.
  • IONITY chargers are indicated by their unique charger icons in the Mobiliti application. 
  • Charging is also considered roaming charging with an IONITY subscription, with a unique pricing. For the description of roaming charging, see the Roaming Service page. 
  • Start of charging can be done using the Mobiliti app or with a physical client key.


Is the IONITY subscription also available as a fleet customer?

  • YES. The IONITY subscription is also available to our customers who have signed up for the Fleet Service.
  • Please indicate your intention to subscribe to our e-mail address


See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.


What is IONITY?


IONITY is an ever-expanding network of high-performance (ultra-) charging stations for electric vehicles across Europe, designed to facilitate long-distance travel within Europe. Founded in 2017, the network currently operates charging columns at 300 locations.

There are 5 IONITY charging islands available in Hungary, you can get more information about them using the Mobiliti app.

You can read more about IONITY here:


If you have any questions regarding the above, please write to us at the e-mail address