Mobiliti Fleet Services
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For Companies and Institutions


Who do we recommend our Mobiliti Fleet service to?

For companies and institutions looking for an easy charging option.

What does the Mobiliti Fleet service offer?

  • Easy and fast charging start-up at Mobiliti's 1,500 charging points and partner charging networks.
  • Award winner Mobiliti app with special fleet functionality.
  • Roaming charging in Europe.
  • A constantly expanding charging network.
  • Monthly invoicing in arrears, with payment by bank transfer.
  • Electronic invoicing on request (you can download a sample invoice at the bottom of the page).
  • Separate billing per individual user.
  • Fleet portal access
  • 1 free customer key. Each additional client key can be requested for a net fee of HUF 5.000.


Our detailed report (available in "csv" format) attached to the invoice contains the following data:

  • Filler key identifier (can be uniquely named e.g. name or registration number)
  • Filling location
  • Filling date
  • Charge time
  • Charge energy (kWh)
  • Unit price
  • Charging fee


Which companies have chosen Mobilitit as their fleet service provider?

  • Car manufacturers, car distributors
  • Large companies (often with more than 100 partially or fully electric vehicles)
  • Small and medium-sized companies
  • Leasing companies and their contracted partners.


How can you use the Mobiliti Fleet service?

Click on Fleet contracting

Sample invoice: download